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Pay Per Click Marketing and Campaign Management

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Pay per click advertising is a widely used advertising model used throughout the internet, it is found on all sorts of websites from search engines through to blogs and personal websites. The basic concept of pay per click advertising is self explanatory; an advertiser will pay website providers a certain predetermined amount every time customers click on the ads placed on the provider’s web site. Pay per click advertising can be a very effective way to advertise your business, product or service but if the campaign is not managed effectively it can be a very expensive and inefficient proposal.

The most popular websites for advertisers to place their ads on are search engines such as Google, the ads appear on the search results page when a person uses the search engine to look for a topic related to the specific key word or words associated with the ad. The advertiser pays nothing to have the ad appear on the page, they only pays once the visitor clicks on the ad and is redirected to their site. Google is the largest and most popular pay per click search engine with other search engines such as Yahoo!, MSN Live and ASK also popular. A search of the internet will enable you to find many such search engines on which you can place your pay per click ad.

Keyword analysis and pay per click management

A pay per click advertisement normally appears on the search engine in the format of a title or short heading, and some text written by you that describes your product or service (your ad) and a link to your website. This text content may be strictly controlled by the search engine and may be reviewed before the ad is placed.

Your first step in designing a pay per click campaign is to establish your budget and level of risk for the campaign. The bigger search engines are more expensive to advertise upon to achieve a visible ranking however they do provide excellent market coverage. The bigger search engines also tend to provide a lot of assistance to their advertisers to achieve the most efficient advertising campaign for the budget allowed.

The second thing you must do is to decide on the keywords for your ad; there are free tools on the internet that enable you to research keywords – many of these will also show you how much you will have to bid for the keywords or phrases you wish to use on the various search engines.

Bring in search engine traffic with PPC

Now you can design your ad and open an account with one or more pay per click (PPC) search engines. ( They will most likely ask you for all of your business details such as your name, your companies name and all of its contact details. ) Generally your account can be funded either by setting a maximum monthly budget or by pre-purchasing an amount of credit; once your budget or credit have been reached your ad will no longer appear on the page.

Bidding on your keywords is your next step, key word values can range anywhere from a cent to several dollars depending upon both the popularity of the keyword or phrase with other advertisers and the general prices of the specific search engines. Generally the higher your bid for a key word the higher your ad is listed on the search result page, although several search engines have now introduced quality scores to determine ad position and minimum key word bid amounts. Quality scores are dependant upon such factors as click through rates, the relevance of the keyword to the ad and the search term and your account history among others. It is highly recommended that you research the quality score criteria of the specific search engines you are advertising on and build your ads in such a way as to ensure the highest quality score possible.

The internet is used by literally millions of people every day and every one of these people is a potential customer for your business. The key to turning them from potential customers to actual customers may be pay per click advertising of your product or service. If they have searched for a subject that your keywords or phrases are associated with they have already proven they are part of your target demographic. Ensuring your ad appears as high as possible on the search engine is imperative in converting these “leads” into sales as with the profusion of information available on the web it is now known that people generally only look at a maximum of three pages on any topic in a search engine. Your goal should be to try and find the cheapest way possible for you to appear on the first page if possible of searches associated with your keywords.

Adwords and search engine pay per click

In order help you set up the most effective marketing campaign available to for your budget you must constantly keep track of your campaign and use all of the options and advantages available. This involves keeping yourself up to date with the performance of your ads and bids, and keeping updated on any changes in the details of the programs you are taking part in or the search engines policies.

To ensure the maximum return on your investment, tools have been developed and are available on the net to monitor your ad and automatically bid on keywords, help you write your ads effectively and help you choose alternative key words that will be just as successful if not more so than your current keywords, but are cheaper to bid on. These programs are designed to maximize the return on your investment in this form of advertising and are well worth considering - keeping your advertising dollar working as successfully and effectively as possible.

If you think pay per click advertising may be for you, the best idea is to actually try it with a small budget to assess the viability for you and your business. The easiest way to do this if you are completely new to pay per click is to experiment. Google Adwords is well known as one of the most reputable pay per click services on the internet.

If you want to know more about pay per click, you can ask individual questions at our very own Online Business and Marketing forum with a pay per click marketing subforum. There are many experienced members who know much more about pay per click ads and how to successfully manage a campaign. So check it out and join our community today and start making some big money!