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Online business is one of the best ways to make an income without investing too much money. Probably the number one benefit of running a business like this is the fact that you really don't need to have a large amount of starting captial. If you truly wanted to, it would only cost less than $10 a year to register a domain name and put it up on free hosting.

It is much nicer having a good reputable hosting service without the banners and ads all over. Quality hosting is usually less than $100 per year such as Dreamhost. You will get nearly unlimited space and bandwidth along with being able to host multiple domain names. With this, a business overhead cost for the business will be less than a hundred bucks.

The things you really need to worry about is actually building an online business. If you know basic HTML, you could easily design a website. Although many times you will need to learn more advanced things in PHP, Javascript or another programming language. You could still self-teach yourself these skills but often times this will bring your costs much higher depending on how heavy the work is. If you just need a single gadget or calculator, you can usually find these for free or pay smaller fees between $10 and $300 on average.

The biggest costs in running an online business is search engine marketing (SEM) most of the time. You could learn search engine optimization (SEO) by yourself but this still doesn't mean you will be guaranteed visitors. In many cases, you will need to buy advertising or pay-per-click ads. Marketing and advertising costs will generally be the largest when it comes to online business.

Like all businesses, you will see that online business takes a lot of work. The benefit of course is being able to work at home on your own schedule but many times the income will not be steady and it will depend on your marketing tactics and visitor traffic. Once you are established though, it is the most rewarding business as it can run on auto-pilot when you get the top positions in the search engines and you are receiving a steady stream of traffic. Like they say, it can take years to finally get rich in a single day! So build up some skills by reading the articles below and asking questions on our forums. Then your progress will come more quickly and the job will be easier.