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The most common form of the document on the internet is HTML. An HTML file can be viewed from any kind of internet browser. The full form of HTML is "Hyper Text Markup Language". It is a very simple language and can be write in any ordinary word processor using the dot html extension name.

It is like a text document, but it helps to design a webpage according to the designers' choice and present some information in a suitable and attractive way. This kind of file can be opened and edited using any text editor. My personal choice is just plain notepad; there is no necessity of any special software.

HTML initiates certain processes either in the client's computer or the host computer. Thus to play a video file in a web page, particular set of instructions have executed on the client computer screen. Professional web designers use the help of other designers' tools to modify an HTML document for designing a webpage. There are some very well known software available in the market that can easily edit and even write automatically if you lack the experience of the code yourself. HTML is the first step in making money on a web site.

Hyper Text Markup Language

As for example Microsoft Font Page and Netscape Composer are two top quality HTML editors and there are frequently used to design any complicated webpage. Any small application used in a HTML document is known as Applets. These Applets are generally places in the header part of a HTML file.

To give more dynamic looks a web designer use DHTML, this stands for "Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language", in order to insert some dynamic objects in the home page like navigation menus and graphics. A large quantity of graphics made an HTML document take longer to load and it is difficult to load this kind of pages in a slow connection users' computer. There are some other programming languages which are also used in designing a webpage.

Programming and HTML

Java and Java Script are very powerful and portable programming languages and PHP is also used for accessing information in a database from a webpage. This also increases the interactivity with users and the user receives a user friendly environment to access the information. They can also enter new data and the acquired data can be saved from the user computer to the client's computers.

With the use of hyperlinks, you can take an HTML document and connect it to some other pages also. There is still another important file format available and that helps the internet user to distribute text and image information. It is called the PDF format, which is great for preventing some people from stealing your text or code. The designers have to think about the quality of a good user interface if there is going to be some good money to be made.

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