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Writing can sometimes be a difficult job or you may not have time to do it. If you are an online business, then you know that content is king in the online world and the more quality content you have, the better your website is going to be. There are thousands of freelance writers out there and just as many businesses looking for them and I will show you where to find them and how their services can be a benefit to you!

First of all, you don't need to pay a professional writer a full time salary anymore. All you need to do is look on our Freelance Content Writing Forum and post a request for writing. Or you could go over to Digital Point and find them. The average rate for writing is $1 per 100 words. An article about the size of the one you are reading now is 500 words and would cost $5. The best advantage is you can pay them per article, there are no long term contracts and huge salaries to pay out.

The advantage of hiring a freelance writer is you can get the job done quickly, cheaply and with the topic you want. You can ask them to write a short story, print content, copy writing, essay or regular informational articles such as this one. If you are a freelance writer yourself, you can also post on the forums and make some money on the side. In fact, some freelance writers can take up a long term job and actually make a living off of it doing online work.

There is a disadvantage to freelance writing. It may be cheap, but if you have a specific writing job you would like done, then the writer may not have the expertise to write the article themselves. It depends on how picky you are! Each writer is different; some are very good and can do the extra research to make an article of high quality. It can also be the other way around as well. A business may not have enough experience in a certain field, so it would be in their best interest to hire a writer who has great experience and can write great content for them.

Online and Offline businesses can hire freelance writers for specific jobs. An advantage of an online business is if you don't get a very good article made and the writer won't rewrite, you can still get benefits from this. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN want to have the best and most up to date content and search results. That means if you put that article anywhere on your webpage, Google will index it and you'll receive more visitors. Keep in mind that a good rule of thumb is generally for new fresh page with 500 words of unique content will bring in 5 new visitors per day, no matter how badly the article turns out.