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Finding an outfit that provides low cost car insurance can sometimes be a hassle and finding insurers can take time and research. Therefore, we have provided a list of places to get free qoutes for affordable car insurance. If you have a motorcycle or other vehicle, you may also want to think about insuring it at one of the places listed below as well if you want to save money.

The first thing you will want to keep in mind if you want to get low cost car insurance is where you are located, what kind of automobile you presently own and your driving history. If you have a ford or a Vauxhall, your car insurance may be cheap or expensive, it just depends. I would advise following the car insurance advice below to save some big money.

Free quotes for low cost, affordable car insurance

We have accumulated a list of the most popular car insurance agencies that have offered the lowest prices and most affordable insurance rates. There is no way we can estimate what kind of quote you can get so the best idea would be to visit each one of these car insurers and complete the form to get a free quote. I have done a few of these and it only takes a few minutes. This is good practice because it will guarantee you will find the lowest cost car insurance and it's free.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Online

You may be surprised that your auto insurance quote can differ by hundreds of dollars, which can save you a lot of money depending on the car insurance agency and policy. Each one is different so they will calculate your quote using different factors, especially if you are looking for Juvenile or Preferred coverage. This is when you want to find out which place really offers the most affordable car insurance.

Factors that affect low cost and affordability

Juvenile and preferred car insurance usually brings the costs up. The reason being is younger people don't yet have a sufficient driving record yet and as being a juvenile, car insurance agencies will be more cautious, therefore increasing the cost of car insurance calculations. Preferred or premium car insurance is going to be more expensive because of the extra features and coverage.

Cheap car insurance for young drivers

Drivers who tend to get into many accidents and clumsy but common accidents such as backing up into trees and telephone poles, driving into houses and hitting cars in the parking lot are probably going to get hit with higher costs from their insurance company. Although there are some accident forgiveness programs that you may be able to qualify for when you request your quote. These will cover you for the minor occasional accident, especially if your insurance history is positive. It's a lot like a credit score, if you are a safe driver, you will get the best rates.

Affordable car insurance free online quotes

A huge factor in determining your car insurance cost is what type of vehicle you are driving. An automobile that is easily demolished in minor accidents such as a GEO is surprisingly going to increase the cost of your auto insurance, even though it is a small car. This is because the insurance has to almost pay for a new car because it gets totaled so easily. On the flip side, an old solid large truck from Chevy may have the most affordable car insurance only because it's harder to damage in collisions, especially minor ones. We have a forum for our members to discuss Car Insurance Forum and you will find even more advice there and have some of your other questions answered that you may have!

The best and the cheapest low cost car insurance

Esurance car insurance has been gaining much reputation lately with their massive marketing campaigns and low cost rates. You would recognize them by seeing Erin Esurance fighting high priced auto insurance rates. Esurance is probably the most affordable, low cost car insurance out there today. I can almost guarantee you if you request a free quote, you will find the lowest cost car insurance quote out of all the other places, considering all factors.

Geico gecko and erin esurance

Geico and the Geico gecko, another famously known online car insurance quoter has a reputation for getting fast qoutes, hence, the quick Geico gecko. Of course Erin Esurance is a much more exciting mascot than a sappy talking gecko who tells jokes that are not funny, Geico does have a great reputation and is standard to be looked into when looking for affordable car insurance and getting a free quote online.