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Submitted by: winman
Minimum Deposit: $5.00  Maximum Deposit: $25000.00
Launch Date: Dec 8 2010
Added: Apr 11 2011 05:00 AM CDT
Payment Methods Accepted:
AlertpayLiberty ReservePerfect MoneyProgram Description:

extra income -
120%-5 days/145%-10 days/170% 15 days  (alertpay-liberty reserve)

I have been paid yesterday by extra income and i started off there with my 100$.
This HYIP is very good and the admin replies every question that is asked.

You can start with only 5 dollars ap or lr.
I started with 150$ there and i got paid every single time.

The amount under here i recieved yesterday within 10 minutes after withdraw.
So in one word fantastic !!!

If you wanna make good cash and payed for sure,check this link out and please be my referral:

See my proof here:
greets winman

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