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Six recent articles on the Central African Republic:

July 5th 2018 – Gabon Keeps 444 troops in CAR

July 6th 2018 – Russian Mercenaries Secure Gold Mines In CAR

Key Part:

Defense Ministry officers, comparing the new PMC to the Wagner Group, noted that Patriot pays more and offers better combat assignments. A source in the veterans' community said Wagner and Patriot competed for the contrast to provide security at gold mines in the Central African Republic, Dozhd reported.

July 5th 2018 – UN Proved Central African Republic With $1 Billion In Aid

June 29th 2018 – UN Deploys 700 Peace Keepers From Nepal To CAR

June 29th 2018 – AU(African Union) To Focus On Central African Republic

June 26th 2018 – New Central African Republic Court Now In Order

June 25th 2018 – Central African Republic Diamond Business Now Active Again

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